Remix Leveling Guide

Turn off Auto-loot. Don't pick up any XP bonus tokens. Let them go to mail. Just pick threads and gear and gems if you want or let it all go to mail. There is an Addon that will do this if you'd like.

Run heroic dungeons - Loot threads only

At 25 run normal Mogushan vaults in LFR

Get xp bonus threads

Run heroic dungeons - Loot threads only

Then at 35 run Heart of Fear in LFR

Get xp bonus threads

Run heroic dungeons - Loot threads only

At 40, run Normal Terrace of Spring

Get xp bonus threads

Open mail and all XP bonus tokens - should get you to 70


Downloading The War Within Beta

Excited to be downloading the beta for something to do. I'm really not impressed with the Panda Remix.


Scaling Concerns

This post has me a little concerned with the future of scaling.


What is the purpose of getting better gear if the mobs scale with your gear? I understand they don't want people to be over-powered, but let's be honest. If they do this for all bosses, it will make collecting a lot more difficult. 

Being someone who spends a lot of time in old content collecting random transmogs and toys, it would change the entire game for me. I can't imagine mobs in Elwen Forest kicking my ass when I'm just trying to level a new pet.

Hat attained... on to backpack.

Managed to get the hat. Now it's on to the backpack. 


New "Three Storms" Bamboo Hat

I'm pretty excited about this new hat. I think there are similar looks already, but this is getting closer to the "Three Storms" look I've been wanting for a while.


Run Speed Bags in TWW

While I can't stand toys and other items that are zone-restricted, I can get behind this effect in a new zone where we won't be able to fly. Running around new content doing daily quests before 'earning' the right to fly is so BFA.

I also find it shocking that people are complaining in the comments about giving up bag space to get the effect. I can't imagine running around with 34 slot bags and not having enough room. Who carries around that much crap in their bags? I have bags purchased from the Grand Expedition Yak on most of my characters and rarely run out of space. If I do, it's 90% vendor trash that can be sold or discarded. I swear, some people would complain about free gold bars being too heavy.


Waitin' for the rain...


Sitting around Boot Bay waiting for the rain. I'd love to get the Baby Ape pet some day.


More Archaeology woes...

This profession is so slow to grind out. Coupled with the fact that to get the items that you want, you have to survey areas that do not give you skill. I'm up to the 900s but it is so slow after that; especially since the areas that give you a skill change weekly in BFA. So, you are stuck with one race for an entire week. It would be nice if that changed with dailies.

On the plus side, the Tol'vir Hierroglyphics that you can get from trading Restored Artifacts are currently selling for 6k each.

Here are the items you can get from Archaeology.

Sinrunner Blanchy Mount

I'm starting on this mount today.


/way 63.2, 43

Day 1 complete: Oats obtained from random spots around the Saldean farm in Westfall (55, 30) and fed to Dead Blanchy in Revendreth (63.2, 43). Brush obtained from Snickersnee (63.4, 61.8) in Revendreth for tomorrow.

Day 2 complete: Brush applied. Horseshoes acquired for day 3.

Day 3 complete: Horseshoes affixed, and Water Bucket filled in Ardenweald.

    /way Revendreth 63.26, 61.60 Empty Water Bucket

Day 4 complete: Blanchy's thirst has been quenched. Comfy blanket purchased.

    /way #1525 51.0 78.8 Ta'tru

Day 5 complete: Saddle/Blanket given, and Apples purchased. 

    /way Revendreth 40.85, 46.80 Mims

Day 6 complete: Apples given; Reins obtained. Thanks, Blanchy.


Time Gated Reputation Rant

I have been playing this game since the very beginning. I have a max level character for almost each class for Horde and Alliance - multiple Druids, Hunters, and Priests for some reason. I have many rare toys and transmogs that take a considerable about of grinding. I can do many mindless tasks that take days to complete (max Fishing and Arch). But for whatever reason, I can't seem to grasp the idea of reputation-based time gating that Blizzard insists on implementing for some quests and achievements (and now game progression). I am still missing out on tons of Dragon Flight content because I refuse to do the daily quests to raise the base Dragon Isle Renown. There's something about doing 3 quests per week for 9 months to continue the story that just makes me angry. Regular story progression should grant enough reputation to continue. I shouldn't have to wait 6 months while I do some mindless tasks over and over again just to continue with the story line. I already paid for the expansion, now I have to pay for 6 months of the game to finish the game!?

I play just about every day but very casually. I don't do Mythics and maintain a very solo lifestyle. No guild membership for many years. Here are my Dragon Isles Renown Max levels.

10; faction=Dream Wardens
11; faction=Iskaara Tuskarr
9; faction=Loamm Niffen
6; faction=Maruuk Centaur
5; faction=Dragonscale Expedition
Learned; faction=Azerothian Archives (had to get the transmogs)
20; faction=Valdrakken Accord (boosted char gave me this)
Neutral; faction=Artisan's Consortium (not a crafter)
Empty; faction=Cobalt Assembly (not even sure what this is for)
Acquaintance; faction=Sabellian
Acquaintance; faction=Wrathion
Rift-Mender; faction=Soridormi (transmogs)
Aspirational; faction=Glimmerogg Racer
Exalted; faction=Winterpelt Furbolg (I've always loved the Furbolgs)


The War Within Beta

The War Within Beta signup is open. Get added to the list today!



Noble Transmog Woes


Rainbow hijinks were on par for the last few minutes of the Noble Garden holiday. I managed to get all of the drops aside from the new dress. Which is fine, since I rarely wear dresses on my male characters anyway.


Farming Precious' Ribbon


Do NOT kill Festergut or Rotface, just Precious. Make sure to "Reset Instances" before entering the 25 instance. You don't need to reset after each 25 run, just the initial instance of 10 normal.

Guide for shadowlands farming: enter icc 10 normal, kill the first 4 bosses, then kill Precious next to Festergut and Rotface. Go out reset instances, enter icc 25 normal, use teleport to 4th floor kill Precious again. Repeat this until you get the shirt. Got it on my 4th. try, gl!

Dragonflight Graphics Settings for FPS

Credit to this page...

Worked really well for me on my M1 Mac.

  • System/Graphics: Display Mode — Fullscreen
    • Resolution — Native
    • Render Scale — 90-100%. The 100% scale means your resolution is scaled in full. You can lower it if you use Radeon Super Resolution or the in-game Fidelity FX Super Resolution.
    • Vertical Sync — Disabled. Enabling it fixes excessive tearing but reduces input.
    • Image-Based Techniques — FXAA High
    • Camera FOV — 60. Too much FOV means more rendering, which harms the framerate.
  • System/Graphics/Advanced:
    • You can put everything in this section at low. You don’t want to disable some of these options because it can mess with your perception of the important game elements but putting them in the lowest acceptable way will do the trick. The only exceptions are spell density, outline mode, and projected textures, which need to be a bit higher.
  • System/Graphics/Raid and Battleground:Triple Buffering — Disabled
    • Ray Traced Shadows — Disabled
    • Ambient Occlusion Type — FidelityFX CACAO
    • Resample Quality — FidelityFX Super Resolution 1.0. This WoW performance issues fix works similarly to Radeon’s Super Resolution.


Permanent Buff Items

Just about every character that I get to 60+ or to the Dragon Isles, makes their way to the Farrier Roscha in the Ohn'ahran Plains (/way #2023 84.4 25.0 Farrier Roscha) to buy the Lucky Horseshoe. This gives them the "You feel lucky" permanent buff. Here is a list of other items that give permanent buffs.


Portal Madness

Horde being crazy at the Hearthstone Portal in Durotar today on Stormrage. 


Target Macro with sound

New Hunter so I am looking for Lightning Paw, again. I keep looking this up and finally have a good, tested macro that only plays a sound if the target exists.

/targetexact Lightning Paw
/stopmacro [dead][noexists]
/targetmarker 8
/script PlaySound(11965)


Runebear ahoy!


Managed to get the Runebear Mark from Aurostor this morning. I'm pretty excited about it too!


Easy Warcraft Ringtones

While being AFK on my new hunter, I noticed the periodic howl of my hound pet in the background that seemed like a great ringtone. It didn't take long for m to figure this out and I thought I'd share.

First, go to https://www.wowhead.com/sounds/ and download the sound in question. There is a rather nice search function to narrow things down. 

Next, go to one of the many online converter sites and convert the file to the M4R format. Some of them have a daily limit but there are many that seem to work. I used this one. https://www.online-convert.com/

Next, open the GarageBand and import the file. 

Here are the instructions from Apple Insider in case they go missing from this site. https://appleinsider.com/inside/ios-17/tips/how-to-create-custom-ringtones-in-ios-17

Craft a ringtone using GarageBand on a Mac. After finishing, select "Share" followed by "Project to GarageBand for iOS." Or, connect the iPhone to the Mac with a cable, then drag and drop the .m4r file in Finder into the Garageband folder under the Files tab.

Assign a suitable name to the project and save it in iCloud Drive by hitting "Save."

On the iPhone, launch GarageBand. Press the downward-pointing arrow at the top left, followed by "My Songs."

Click "Browse" and locate the stored project in iCloud Drive. Press and hold the project, then choose "Share."

In the "Share Song" menu, opt for "Ringtone." Enter the ringtone's name and hit "Export."

Navigate to "Settings" and go to "Sound & Haptics." Then, press "Ringtone" and pick the newly created custom ringtone.

Now every time I get a calendar appointment reminder, my Hyena lets me know.


Let it be day...


Let there be light!

Let it be night...

Cold hearted orb that rules the night
Removes the colors from our sight
Red is gray and yellow white
But we decide which is right
And which is an illusion

--The Moody Blues

Stormy day in Stormwind