WTB Cenarian Vestments

Still no Cenarian Vestments from ole Golemagg. This is 4 weeks in a row running 3 different Druids through Molten Core with no Druid Chest piece.



Postmaster Help

Aerie Paek Eastern Kingdoms
Allerian Stronghold Outland
Altar of Shatar Outland
Area 52 Outland
Astranaar Kalimdor
Azurewing Repose Broken Shore
Booty Bay Eastern Kingdoms
Bradensbrook Broken Shore
Brill Eastern Kingdoms
Camp Oneqwah Northrend
Cenarian Refuge Outland
Conquest Hold Northrend
Cosmowrench Outland
Dawn's Blossom Pandaria
Deliverance Point Broken Shore
Everlook Kalimdor
Feathermoon Stronghold Kalimdor
Frosthold Northrend
Gadgetzan Kalimdor
Garadar Outland
Goldshire Eastern Kingdoms
Greywatch Broken Shore
Halfhill Pandaria
Honor Hold Outland
Kamagua Northrend
Kharanos Eastern Kingdoms
Klaxx'vess Pandaria
Lion's Landing Pandaria
Longying Outpost Pandaria
Lor'danel Kalimdor
Lorlathil Broken Shore
Menethil Harbor Eastern Kingdoms
Meredil Broken Shore
Moak'ki Harbor Northrend
Nesingwary Northrend
Nighthaven Kalimdor
Nordrassil Kalimdor
One Keg Pandaria
Ramkahen Kalimdor
Sentinel Hill Eastern Kingdoms
Shackle's Den Broken Shore
Skyhorn Broken Shore
Soggy's Gamble Pandaria
Stonard Eastern Kingdoms
Sylvanaar Outland
Tarren Mill Eastern Kingdoms
The Argent Stand Northrend
The Crossroads Kalimdor
Thrallmar Outland
Thunder Cleft Pandaria
Thunder Totem Broken Shore
Tian Monestary Pandaria
Tranquillen Eastern Kingdoms
Valdisdall Broken Shore
Valiance Keep Northrend
Warsong Hold Northrend
Whisperwind Grove Kalimdor
Wyrmrest Temple Northrend
Zabra'jin Outland
Zouchin Village Pandaria


Extended maintenance...

So Blizzard, what is it? 9am, 10am, 11am, noon, now we are shooting for 1pm. I sure hope the Trading Post is worth it!

Why not just roll this into the regular patching instead of making it a "special" patch that happens on the 1st of the month?