Recruit a Friend transmog coming to the Trading Post


I've been wanting this transmog (the backpack specifically) since it was released as a Recruit a Friend reward. It looks like that wish might come true via the Trading Post some time in patch 10.2.


New Lil'Maggz pet in the store

Think I'll hold off on this one until it hits the Trading Post. [source]

Data for Azeroth

Data for Azeroth is a great new (to me) site where you can compare and look up just about everything on data from Warcraft. I may have to update the profiles on the right to link there instead of the Battle.net profiles. While looking up titles and achievements I found that an old character had the "Sergent Major" title along with an old Yellow Brewfest Stein. What a great resource for Warcraft data. Give it a shot and see what you can find.