Jame's Blog

Jame (of Wowpro Guide fame) has a blog (imagine that). I have added the feed to the page.

Meet the Wizard (Diablo III)

Blizzard has posted the video for the Wizard class in Diablo III. I have also added a feed box for Diablo II news.



Wowpeek is a new Warcraft Information site that has a slick look and great datatbase. Check it out to the links on the right.


Hunter, Warlock or Priest?

My Hunter, Wilgrun, hit 70 the other day in a rather dull, unexciting moment deep in the heart of Blades Edge Mountains. This makes my third level 70.

I am now grinding my pet Gorilla up to 70 and farming some gold for flight training. I can't decide whether or not the honor farm is worth it right now. It won't be too long until a whole new range of gear will be flooding the game.

Now I need to decide which class gets the bulk of my effort on getting to 80. Who would you raise; hunter, warlock or priest?