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Wyndforge releases new WoW character art

Posted Mar 17th 2008 6:00PM by Mike Schramm
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If you're a fan of fan art and haven't seen Wyndforge's work yet, it's definitely a must-see. He basically creates digital art direct from screenshots, and by combining poses (along with a few extra sparkles), he turns out some pretty amazing stuff. And while he does sell custom orders if you want a shot of your own character, Wynd gets bonus points for opening up all his other work as wallpaper-sized versions in the galleries. He doesn't list prices on the site, so we're not sure how much it costs
to make one of these, but even if its pricy, it's fun just browsing through the galleries. Very nice stuff. He really has a talent for sculpting the screenshots together, and keeping the original look of the characters while also adding a little extra to make them epic enough to be framed and hung on the wall.


Wowhead, Thottbot, and other sites are having trouble with banner trojans

One more reason I recommend Firefox and No-Script. Everyone should check this out just to see how many sites runs scripts on your machine. I have seen one simple blog attempt to run scripts from 10 different sites on my machine. There is usually nothing wrong with this. But it certainly makes security much more difficult.

WoW General News - Mar 12, 2008 8:50 PM PST | Posted by Eldorian

As reported by World of Raids and then later WoW Insider, it seems that Wowhead, Thottbot, and Allakhazam have had some recent troubles with a banner trojan.

From WoWInsider.com:

You don't even need to click on the banner, apparently, simply mousing over it will be enough. Wowhead says that all they know for sure is that it originates from "ad.yieldmanager.com", and will produce a redirect to "xpantivirus.com." They're working at isolating it.

Some of the security methods you could use to prevent this kind of attack in the future is to download the Firefox web broswer and get the No Script extension. If you keep the javascripts causing this blocked you don't have to worry about it.

The problem seems to be stemming from a third party advertiser that their network seems to have little control over the content of and has been tough in tracking down. I'd just like to take this moment to let everyone know that the Stratics network does not use third party ad networks whatsoever for this reason alone.


Good article about Gary Gygax in the NYTimes

Read it in the Sunday Papers


Sunday’s New York Times included the full version of the above Geek Love flowchart and a glowing tribute to recently deceased Dungeons & Dragons co-creator Gary Gygax.It’s obvious from the scientific chart that lack of romantic success can be blamed on early exposure to D & D, but one could also theorize that lack of romantic success can be blamed on OTHERS’ early exposure, like the entire EverQuest and Ultima Online development teams. Make sure you mention that to your therapist — he/she’s tired of hearing about your mom every week anyhow

Epics for everyone!

I will never understand why some people seem to think they are more entitled to epics than others. We all pay the same amount to play this game. And when you strip off all the QQing and PWNing that is all that matters.

Do you really think that Blizzard cares HOW MUCH you play? Do you really think Blizzard cares how well your 3s team plays? They just want to make sure you keep playing and paying. So, in their eyes all players deserve the same chances/abilities to obtain epic items. They are rewards to keep you playing.

Do you really think that the ability to play 8 hours a day makes you more worthy of an epic item? Does the ability to coordinate 25/40 people to properly play their class make you more worthy of epics? If it did, then only raid/guild leaders should get them. Does the ability to roll through AV after AV just going through the motions make you more worthy? How about the ability to work with 2-4 friends and grinding away in the Arena? How are any of these examples any more difficult than the others? Explain how anyone can't accomplish any of these tasks. It doesn't take talent. It doesn't take skill. It just takes time and that is not reason enough to think of yourself as "better" than other players.

Sure, there are a few truly hardcore players. People who really love the game itself not just the love of beating the game. People who know the lore and have followed Warcraft through the non-MMO stage (yes, Warcraft was around before Wow). These few truly hardcore players follow the storylines, play on PVP/RP servers and participate in true Pvp. They conquer evil and reach goals that most people don't even know exist. These are the people who truly deserve epics.

It's too bad there is no reliable way to distinguish these players from the epic-farmers in the game.


Mods to look into...

A guildie just told me about Lightheaded and Doublewide. A couple mods for leveling alts. Gonna have to check them out. I'll update after checking them out.

Well, both mods are very well done. I must say they are among the most impressive mods I have seen. Almost seamlessly incorporated into the default UI. A must have for anyone with alts or actively working on quests.

Lightheaded links quest information to comments on Wowhead.com. Along with clickable locations that turn into waypoints (a very nice feature), there are usually multiple pages explaining each quest.

Doublewide simple allows you to view quest text along side the quest window. It essentially makes the quest window "double wide".

Both mods are very well done and should be a part of the default interface in my opinion.

Warcraft Postcards

Eversong Woods
Originally uploaded by Batty aka Photobat
Very clever idea and great use of Warcraft screenshots. I have plenty of screenshots. Maybe I'll start making some. Not sure if I have the required Photoshop skillz.

Nice Warcraft Comic

CPG Comic Page 2
Originally uploaded by Batty aka Photobat
Here is a nice Warcraft comic on Flickr. Hope there is more to come...


The Dark Side

With my priest almost covered in S1 gear from battlegrounds (well, some mooncloth too), I now feel myself turning to the dark side.

I am on the welfare epic road with my Lock now. I specc'ed SL/SL and just picked up my Gladiator's Dreadweave Hood and I have started down the dark path. Here are my stats with blues and greens (Okay, I have the Halloween event epic rings).