Infectious Whirl!!!

So, apparently there is an issue with one of the latest steps in the Secrets of Azeroth series that spreads this "Infectious Whirl" around anywhere like a virus (shocker, I know). I read on Wowhead that it starts when someone completes a step in the latest secret and immediately hearths. It will spread from person to person in a viral sort of way (anyone remember the curse from ZG so many years ago?) I was standing on the elevated garden thing next to the AH in Valdrakken and was witness to it spreading around to everyone on the level below me. It must not allow the affected person to climb up obstacles. So, if you're wanting to avoid it, jump up on a bench or anything in sight and watch the show. It's quite comical but certainly annoying.
So, it turns out that this is from Step 1 of the three-step process for Mimiron's Jumpjets. When you are searching Kurzen's camp for clues, if you click on the wrong one (the left or right side) you will get this buff. Apparently hearthing while you have it can be a bad thing.


Record High for Token Gold

The gold associated with Wow Tokens hit a record high recently. Having bought one myself just a couple days ago I can agree with the article when it comes to leveling a character. That's what I've been doing lately. Here's a great writeup on the gold economy over the last few years.