Suggestion Box: Random Harvest Times

While pulling weeds in the garden the other day I made an interesting observation. It doesn't take the same amount of time to pull each weed. Some come out of the ground quickly while others seem to be held in with Mighty Putty. I am sure the same would be true of getting copper and silver deposits out of the ground. Or even for skinning a freshly killed animal.

I feel that in order to make most tradeskills more realistic the "timers" should be a random amount rather than a set number of seconds.

Now, I don't know what is more sad; the fact that I think of things like Warcraft while weeding the garden, or that I was comparing Crabgrass to Felweed.


Maximum Characters per Account

Well, I never thought I would hit that limit. I guess I haven't really hit it personaly but my son has.

He likes creating characters, leveling them to 3-4 and then moving on to a new server. He has whole servers filled up with various similarly named characters. They rarely make it above level 5 and never leave the starting areas (He's only 6 himself).

I have since learned that you can have a maximum of 50 characters across all servers. I have 10 on my main server and the rest are all his "alts".

He does have a NE Hunter on my main server that has made it to 24 with a little help from Dad. Now that he can get a mount at level 30 I feel the need to help him out just a little more.


Multiboxing AV with 5 accounts

Tonight was an especially wonderful night for the Alliance in AV. In my battlegroup the Alliance have enough trouble winning with the constantly turtled Horde. But tonight there was one clever horde (is that possible?) with 5 accounts and 5 identical Tauren Shaman (surprise). It was quite humorous to run into Galv and find huge stacks of totems and elementals running everywhere. It may have been fun for him but it made for an awful boring night for a lot of other people.


New Blog List

I just updated my Blog List using Blogger's new feature. It's rather nice but takes up just about the whole column.