Farming Precious' Ribbon


Do NOT kill Festergut or Rotface, just Precious. Make sure to "Reset Instances" before entering the 25 instance. You don't need to reset after each 25 run, just the initial instance of 10 normal.

Guide for shadowlands farming: enter icc 10 normal, kill the first 4 bosses, then kill Precious next to Festergut and Rotface. Go out reset instances, enter icc 25 normal, use teleport to 4th floor kill Precious again. Repeat this until you get the shirt. Got it on my 4th. try, gl!

Dragonflight Graphics Settings for FPS

Credit to this page...

Worked really well for me on my M1 Mac.

  • System/Graphics: Display Mode — Fullscreen
    • Resolution — Native
    • Render Scale — 90-100%. The 100% scale means your resolution is scaled in full. You can lower it if you use Radeon Super Resolution or the in-game Fidelity FX Super Resolution.
    • Vertical Sync — Disabled. Enabling it fixes excessive tearing but reduces input.
    • Image-Based Techniques — FXAA High
    • Camera FOV — 60. Too much FOV means more rendering, which harms the framerate.
  • System/Graphics/Advanced:
    • You can put everything in this section at low. You don’t want to disable some of these options because it can mess with your perception of the important game elements but putting them in the lowest acceptable way will do the trick. The only exceptions are spell density, outline mode, and projected textures, which need to be a bit higher.
  • System/Graphics/Raid and Battleground:Triple Buffering — Disabled
    • Ray Traced Shadows — Disabled
    • Ambient Occlusion Type — FidelityFX CACAO
    • Resample Quality — FidelityFX Super Resolution 1.0. This WoW performance issues fix works similarly to Radeon’s Super Resolution.


Permanent Buff Items

Just about every character that I get to 60+ or to the Dragon Isles, makes their way to the Farrier Roscha in the Ohn'ahran Plains (/way #2023 84.4 25.0 Farrier Roscha) to buy the Lucky Horseshoe. This gives them the "You feel lucky" permanent buff. Here is a list of other items that give permanent buffs.


Portal Madness

Horde being crazy at the Hearthstone Portal in Durotar today on Stormrage.