Dragonriding hack (grabbing that hard to reach item)

As much as I hate the term "hack", I can't think of a better way to describe this method of landing somewhere that Blizzard has intentionally made difficult to land while Dragonriding. I can't say that I dislike Dragonriding, but I can say that I don't like it when game companies make something "challenging" by forcing you to "learn" how to utilize a "feature" that they have built into a game. Time and time again I have found a quest or item has been tied behind reaching a specific point on the map (usually via Dragonriding) and touch or pick something up. Of course this can be a pain in the ass when you're always moving forward and can't "hover" like you can in old world flying. Since they haven't incorporated Dragonriding into the death mechanic yet, you can always just die as close to the objective as possible, then resurrect on top of the objective while using the old world flying method.


Fishing contest woes

So, once again I have failed with the contest. It has been on my list of things to do for 14 years. It is the sole achievement left for the Salty title and the heirloom ring. This time I was 32/40 when it was over. In the past I have been 39/40 and 25/40 (that was a bad day).

I have an heirloom ring from my Garrison Shipyard missions but you can't dual wield them so I will need the Dread Pirate Ring to add to my heirloom collection. I also need to look into the island expedition gear.  I understand it's much easier to get now at max level.

The plan now is to race change to a High Mountain Tauren next week when the restrictions are lifted for the Allied Races in patch 10.1.5. They have a racial chance to get two fish per cast and I am convinced that is the only way to win at this point.