Stormwind at night...

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Nice shot of the moon over Stormwind. Hey, there's a good title for a Blog.

Wow Screensaver (well, sorta)

Being the sysadmin that I am, I have many machines performing many tasks. I am always on the lookout for a nice screen saver. I have one such setup with the Google screensaver that grabs screenshots off Flickr.

On yet another machine I have been known to just log in to Wow, find my favorite spot, zoom all the way in, hit alt-z, and sit there. Of course I have to hit the space bar every once and a while to keep me from AFK'ing out, but it provides a nice screensaver and allows me that little Wow-shot-in-the-arm to keep me from twitching from withdrawal.


Post ideas...

Well, here are some ideas for future posts.

  • Grid/Clique Operations
  • Click Casting
  • BG Healing
  • Protect Your Healers!
  • Farming for gold...


Wilgrin gets pwned with a bonecrushing sound!