Recruit a Friend transmog coming to the Trading Post


I've been wanting this transmog (the backpack specifically) since it was released as a Recruit a Friend reward. It looks like that wish might come true via the Trading Post some time in patch 10.2.


New Lil'Maggz pet in the store

Think I'll hold off on this one until it hits the Trading Post. [source]

Data for Azeroth

Data for Azeroth is a great new (to me) site where you can compare and look up just about everything on data from Warcraft. I may have to update the profiles on the right to link there instead of the Battle.net profiles. While looking up titles and achievements I found that an old character had the "Sergent Major" title along with an old Yellow Brewfest Stein. What a great resource for Warcraft data. Give it a shot and see what you can find.


Infectious Whirl!!!

So, apparently there is an issue with one of the latest steps in the Secrets of Azeroth series that spreads this "Infectious Whirl" around anywhere like a virus (shocker, I know). I read on Wowhead that it starts when someone completes a step in the latest secret and immediately hearths. It will spread from person to person in a viral sort of way (anyone remember the curse from ZG so many years ago?) I was standing on the elevated garden thing next to the AH in Valdrakken and was witness to it spreading around to everyone on the level below me. It must not allow the affected person to climb up obstacles. So, if you're wanting to avoid it, jump up on a bench or anything in sight and watch the show. It's quite comical but certainly annoying.
So, it turns out that this is from Step 1 of the three-step process for Mimiron's Jumpjets. When you are searching Kurzen's camp for clues, if you click on the wrong one (the left or right side) you will get this buff. Apparently hearthing while you have it can be a bad thing.


Record High for Token Gold

The gold associated with Wow Tokens hit a record high recently. Having bought one myself just a couple days ago I can agree with the article when it comes to leveling a character. That's what I've been doing lately. Here's a great writeup on the gold economy over the last few years.



Dragonriding hack (grabbing that hard to reach item)

As much as I hate the term "hack", I can't think of a better way to describe this method of landing somewhere that Blizzard has intentionally made difficult to land while Dragonriding. I can't say that I dislike Dragonriding, but I can say that I don't like it when game companies make something "challenging" by forcing you to "learn" how to utilize a "feature" that they have built into a game. Time and time again I have found a quest or item has been tied behind reaching a specific point on the map (usually via Dragonriding) and touch or pick something up. Of course this can be a pain in the ass when you're always moving forward and can't "hover" like you can in old world flying. Since they haven't incorporated Dragonriding into the death mechanic yet, you can always just die as close to the objective as possible, then resurrect on top of the objective while using the old world flying method.


Fishing contest woes

So, once again I have failed with the contest. It has been on my list of things to do for 14 years. It is the sole achievement left for the Salty title and the heirloom ring. This time I was 32/40 when it was over. In the past I have been 39/40 and 25/40 (that was a bad day).

I have an heirloom ring from my Garrison Shipyard missions but you can't dual wield them so I will need the Dread Pirate Ring to add to my heirloom collection. I also need to look into the island expedition gear.  I understand it's much easier to get now at max level.

The plan now is to race change to a High Mountain Tauren next week when the restrictions are lifted for the Allied Races in patch 10.1.5. They have a racial chance to get two fish per cast and I am convinced that is the only way to win at this point.


Emotes from Wowpedia


Here's a list of Warcraft emotes from Wowpedia.

/absentYou look absent-minded.You look at %s absently.
/agreeYou agree.You agree with %s.
/amazeYou are amazed!You are amazed by %s!
/angry /mad✔️You raise your fist in anger.You raise your fist in anger at %s.
/apologize /sorry✔️You apologize to everyone. Sorry!You apologize to %s. Sorry!
/applaud /bravo /applause✔️✔️You applaud. Bravo!You applaud at %s. Bravo!
/armYou stretch your arms out.You put your arm around %s's shoulder.
/attacktarget✔️✔️You tell everyone to attack something.You tell everyone to attack %s.
/aweYou look around in awe.You stare at %s in awe.
/backpack /packYou dig through your backpack.
/badfeeling /badYou have a bad feeling about this...You have a bad feeling about %s.
/barkYou bark. Woof woof!You bark at %s.
/bashful✔️You are bashful.You are so bashful...too bashful to get %s's attention.
/beckonYou beckon everyone over to you.You beckon %s over.
/beg✔️✔️You beg everyone around you. How pathetic.You beg %s. How pathetic.
/biteYou look around for someone to bite.You bite %s. Ouch!
/blame✔️You blame yourself for what happened.You blame %s for everything.
/blankYou stare blankly at your surroundings.You stare blankly at %s.
/bleed /bloodBlood oozes from your wounds.
/blinkYou blink your eyes.You blink at %s.
/blush✔️You blush.You blush at %s.
/boggle✔️You boggle at the situation.You boggle at %s.
/bonk /dohYou bonk yourself on the noggin. Doh!You bonk %s on the noggin. Doh!
/boop✔️You boop your own nose. Boop!You boop %s's nose.
/bored✔️You are overcome with boredom. Oh the drudgery!You are terribly bored with %s.
/bounceYou bounce up and down.You bounce up and down in front of %s.
/bow✔️You bow down graciously.You bow before %s.
/brandishYou brandish your weapon fiercely.You brandish your weapon fiercely at %s.
/brbYou let everyone know you'll be right back.You let %s know you'll be right back.
/breathYou take a deep breath.You tell %s to take a deep breath.
/burp /belchYou let out a loud belch.You burp rudely in %s's face.
/bye /goodbye /farewell✔️✔️You wave goodbye to everyone. Farewell!You wave goodbye to %s. Farewell!
/cackle✔️✔️You cackle maniacally at the situation.You cackle maniacally at %s.
/calmYou remain calm.You try to calm %s down.
/challengeYou put out a challenge to everyone. Bring it on!You challenge %s to a duel.
/charge✔️✔️You start to charge.
/charmYou put on the charm.You think %s is charming.
/cheer /woot✔️✔️You cheer!You cheer at %s.
/chicken /flap /strut✔️✔️With arms flapping, you strut around. Cluck, Cluck, Chicken!With arms flapping, you strut around %s. Cluck, Cluck, Chicken!
/chuckle✔️✔️You let out a hearty chuckle.You chuckle at %s.
/chugYou take a mighty quaff of your beverage.You encourage %s to chug. CHUG! CHUG! CHUG!
/clap✔️You clap excitedly.You clap excitedly for %s.
/coldYou let everyone know that you are cold.You let %s know that you are cold.
/comfortYou need to be comforted.You comfort %s.
/commend✔️You commend everyone on a job well done.You commend %s on a job well done.
/confused✔️You are hopelessly confused.You look at %s with a confused look.
/congratulate /congrats /grats✔️✔️You congratulate everyone around you.You congratulate %s.
/coughYou let out a hacking cough.You cough at %s.
/coverearsYou cover your ears.You cover %s's ears.
/cower /fear✔️You cower in fear.You cower in fear at the sight of %s.
/crack /knucklesYou crack your knuckles.You crack your knuckles while staring at %s.
/cringeYou cringe in fear.You cringe away from %s.
/crossarmsYou cross your arms.You cross your arms at %s. Hmph!
/cry /sob /weep✔️✔️You cry.You cry on %s's shoulder.
/cuddle /spoonYou need to be cuddled.You cuddle up against %s.
/curious✔️You express your curiosity to those around you.You are curious what %s is up to.
/curtsey✔️You curtsey.You curtsey before %s.
/dance✔️You burst into dance.You dance with %s.
/dingYou reached a new level. DING!You congratulate %s on a new level. DING!
/disagree✔️You disagree.You disagree with %s.
/threaten /doom /threat /wrath✔️You threaten everyone with the wrath of doom.You threaten %s with the wrath of doom.
/doubt✔️You doubt the situation will end in your favor.You doubt %s.
/drink /shindig✔️✔️You raise a drink in the air before chugging it down. Cheers!You raise a drink to %s. Cheers!
/droolA tendril of drool runs down your lip.You look at %s and begin to drool.
/duckYou duck for cover.You duck behind %s.
/eat /chew /feast✔️✔️You begin to eat.You begin to eat in front of %s.
/embarrassYou flush with embarrassment.You are embarrassed by %s.
/encourageYou encourage everyone around you.You encourage %s.
/enemyYou warn everyone that an enemy is near.You warn %s that an enemy is near.
/eyeYou cross your eyes.You eye %s up and down.
/eyebrow /browYou raise your eyebrow inquisitively.You raise your eyebrow inquisitively at %s.
/facepalm /palmYou cover your face with your palm.You look at %s and cover your face with your palm.
/faintYou faint.You faint at the sight of %s.
/fartYou fart loudly. Whew...what stinks?You brush up against %s and fart loudly.
/fidget /impatientYou fidget.You fidget impatiently while waiting for %s.
/flee /retreat✔️✔️You yell for everyone to flee!You yell for %s to flee!
/flex /strong✔️You flex your muscles. Oooooh so strong!You flex at %s. Oooooh so strong!
/flirt✔️✔️You flirt.You flirt with %s.
/flopYou flop about helplessly.You flop about helplessly around %s.
/followme✔️✔️You motion for everyone to follow.You motion for %s to follow.
/forthealliance✔️✔️You cheer for the Alliance!You cheer for the Alliance!
/forthehorde✔️✔️You cheer for the Horde!You cheer for the Horde!
/frown /disappointedYou frown.You frown with disappointment at %s.
/gasp✔️You gasp.You gasp at %s.
/gazeYou gaze off into the distance.You gaze longingly at %s.
/giggle✔️✔️You giggle.You giggle at %s.
/glareYou glare angrily.You glare angrily at %s.
/gloat✔️✔️You gloat over everyone's misfortune.You gloat over %s's misfortune.
/glowerYou glower at averyone around you.You glower at %s.
/goYou tell everyone to go.You tell %s to go.
/goingYou must be going.You tell %s that you must be going.
/golfclap✔️You clap half-heartedly, clearly unimpressed.You clap for %s, clearly unimpressed.
/greet /greetings✔️You greet everyone warmly.You greet %s warmly.
/grin /wicked /wickedlyYou grin wickedly.You grin wickedly at %s.
/groanYou begin to groan.
You begin to groan in pain.
You look at %s and groan.
You look at %s and groan in pain.
/grovel /peon✔️You grovel on the ground, wallowing in subservience.You grovel before %s like a subservient peon.
/growl✔️You growl menacingly.You growl menacingly at %s.
/guffaw✔️✔️You let out a boisterous guffaw!You take one look at %s and let out a guffaw!
/hail✔️You hail those around you.You hail %s.
/happy /glad /yayYou are filled with happiness!You are very happy with %s!
/headacheYou are getting a headache.You are getting a headache from %s's antics.
/healme✔️✔️You call out for healing!
/hello /hi✔️✔️You greet everyone with a hearty hello!You greet %s with a hearty hello!
/helpme✔️✔️You cry out for help!
/hiccupYou hiccup loudly.
/highfiveYou put up your hand for a high five.You give %s a high five!
/hissYou hiss at everyone around you.You hiss at %s.
/holdhandYou wish someone would hold your hand.You hold %s's hand.
/hugYou need a hug!You hug %s.
/hungry /food /pizzaYou are hungry!You are hungry. Maybe %s has some food...
/hurryYou try to pick up the pace.You tell %s to hurry up.
/huzzah✔️You cheer boisterously! Huzzah!You cheer boisterously for %s! Huzzah!
/ideaYou have an idea!
/impressed✔️You clap vigorously, clearly impressed.You clap vigorously for %s, clearly impressed.
/incoming /inc✔️✔️You warn everyone of incoming enemies!You point out %s as an incoming enemy!
/insult✔️You think everyone around you is a son of a motherless ogre.You think %s is the son of a motherless ogre.
/introduceYou introduce yourself to everyone.You introduce yourself to %s.
/jealousYou are jealous of everyone around you.You are jealous of %s.
/jkYou were just kidding!You let %s know that you were just kidding!
/kiss /blow✔️✔️You blow a kiss into the wind.You blow a kiss to %s.
/kneel✔️You kneel down.You kneel before %s.
/laugh /lol✔️✔️You laugh.You laugh at %s.
/laydown /liedown /lay /lie✔️You lie down.You lie down before %s.
/lickYou lick your lips.You lick %s.
/listenYou are listening!You listen intently to %s.
/lookYou look around.You look at %s.
/lost✔️You are hopelessly lost.You want %s to know that you are hopelessly lost.
/loveYou feel the love.You love %s.
/luckYou wish everyone good luck.You wish %s the best of luck.
/magnificent✔️You nod approvingly. Magnificent job!You nod approvingly at %s. Magnificent job!
/mapYou pull out your map.
/massageYou need a massage!You massage %s's shoulders.
/meowYou meow.You meow at %s.
/mercy✔️You plead for mercy.You plead with %s for mercy.
/moanYou moan suggestively.You moan suggestively at %s.
/mockYou mock life and all it stands for.You mock the foolishness of %s.
/mooIconSmall Highmountain Male.gifMooooooooooo.You moo at %s. Mooooooooooo.
/moonYou drop your trousers and moon everyone.You drop your trousers and moon %s.
/mountspecial✔️Rear-up animation for all mounts.
/mourn✔️✔️In quiet contemplation, you mourn the loss of the dead.In quiet contemplation, you mourn the death of %s.
/mutterYou mutter angrily to yourself. Hmmmph!You mutter angrily at %s. Hmmmph!
/nervousYou look around nervously.You look at %s nervously.
/no✔️✔️You clearly state, NO.You tell %s NO. Not going to happen.
/nod /yes✔️✔️You nod.You nod at %s.
/nosepick /pickWith a finger deep in one nostril, you pass the time.You pick your nose and show it to %s.
/object /objection /holdit✔️You OBJECT!You object to %s.
/offerYou want to make an offer.You attempt to make %s an offer they can't refuse.
/oom✔️✔️You announce that you have low mana!
/oops✔️✔️You made a mistake.You made a mistake.
/openfire✔️✔️You give the order to open fire.
/panicYou run around in a frenzied state of panic.You take one look at %s and panic.
/patYou need a pat.You gently pat %s.
/peerYou peer around, searchingly.You peer at %s searchingly.
/petYou need to be petted.You pet %s.
/pinchYou pinch yourself.You pinch %s.
/pityYou pity those around you.You look down upon %s with pity.
/plead✔️You drop to your knees and plead in desperation.You plead with %s.
/point✔️You point over yonder.You point at %s.
/pokeYou poke your belly and giggle.You poke %s. Hey!
/ponder✔️You ponder the situation.You ponder %s's actions.
/pounceYou pounce out from the shadows.You pounce on top of %s.
You pounce towards %s.
/poutYou pout at everyone around you.You pout at %s.
/praise /lavishYou praise the Light.You lavish praise upon %s.
/pray✔️You pray to the Gods.You say a prayer for %s.
/promiseYou make %s a promise.
/proudYou are proud of yourself.You are proud of %s.
/pulseYou check your own pulse.You check %s for a pulse. Oh no!
/punchYou punch yourself.You punch %s's shoulder.
/purrYou purr like a kitten.You purr at %s.
/puzzled✔️You are puzzled. What's going on here?You are puzzled by %s.
/quack✔️You pretend to be a duck. Quack!You quack at %s. Quack!
/raise /volunteerYou raise your hand in the air.You look at %s and raise your hand.
/rasp✔️✔️You make a rude gesture.You make a rude gesture at %s.
/read✔️Opens a map.
/ready /rdyYou let everyone know that you are ready!You let %s know that you are ready!
/regretYou are filled with regret.You think that %s will regret it.
/revengeYou vow you will have your revenge.You vow revenge on %s.
/roar /rawr✔️✔️You roar with bestial vigor. So fierce!You roar with bestial vigor at %s. So fierce!
/rofl✔️✔️You roll on the floor laughing.You roll on the floor laughing at %s.
/rolleyes /eyerollYou roll your eyes.You roll your eyes at %s.
/rude✔️✔️You make a rude gesture.You make a rude gesture at %s.
/ruffleYou ruffle your hair.You ruffle %s's hair.
/sadYou hang your head dejectedly.
/salute✔️You stand at attention and salute.You salute %s with respect.
/scared✔️You are scared!You are scared of %s.
/scoffYou scoff.You scoff at %s.
/scoldYou scold yourself.You scold %s.
/scowlYou scowl.You scowl at %s.
/scratch /cat /cattyYou scratch yourself. Ah, much better!You scratch %s. How catty!
/searchYou search for something.You search %s for something.
/sexyYou're too sexy for your tunic...so sexy it hurts.You think %s is a sexy devil.
/shake /rearYou shake your rear.You shake your rear at %s.
/shakefist /fistYou shake your fist.You shake your fist at %s.
/shiftyYour eyes shift back and forth suspiciously.You give %s a shifty look.
/shimmyYou shimmy before the masses.You shimmy before %s.
/shiverYou shiver in your boots. Chilling!You shiver beside %s. Chilling!
/shoo /pestYou shoo the measly pests away.You shoo %s away. Be gone pest!
/shout /holler✔️You shout.You shout at %s.
/shrug✔️You shrug. Who knows?You shrug at %s. Who knows?
/shudderYou shudder.You shudder at the sight of %s.
/shy✔️You smile shyly.You smile shyly at %s.
/sigh✔️You let out a long, drawn-out sigh.You sigh at %s.
/signalYou give the signal.You give %s the signal.
/silence /shushYou tell everyone to be quiet. Shhh!You tell %s to be quiet. Shhh!
/silly✔️✔️You tell a joke.You tell %s a joke.
/sing✔️You burst into song.You serenade %s with a song.
/sit✔️You sit down.
/slapYou slap yourself across the face. Ouch!You slap %s across the face. Ouch!
/sleep✔️You fall asleep. Zzzzzzz.
/smackYou smack your forehead.You smack %s upside the head.
/smileYou smile.You smile at %s.
/smirkA sly smirk spreads across your face.You smirk slyly at %s.
/snapYou snap your fingers.You snap your fingers at %s.
/snarlYou bare your teeth and snarl.You bare your teeth and snarl at %s.
/sneakYou try to sneak away.You try to sneak away from %s.
/sneezeYou sneeze. Achoo!You sneeze on %s. Achoo!
/snickerYou quietly snicker to yourself.You snicker at %s.
/sniff✔️IconSmall Worgen Male.gifYou sniff the air around you.You sniff %s.
/snortYou snort.You snort derisively at %s.
/snubYou snub all of the lowly peons around you.You snub %s.
/sootheYou need to be soothed.You soothe %s. There, there...things will be ok.
/spitYou spit on the ground.You spit on %s.
/squealYou squeal like a pig.You squeal at %s.
/stand✔️You stand up.
/stareYou stare off into the distance.You stare %s down.
/stink /smellYou smell the air around you. Wow, someone stinks!You smell %s. Wow, someone stinks!
/surprisedYou are so surprised!You are surprised by %s's actions.
/surrender✔️You surrender to your opponents.You surrender before %s. Such is the agony of defeat...
/suspiciousYou narrow your eyes in suspicion.You are suspicious of %s.
/sweatYou are sweating.You sweat at the sight of %s.
/talk✔️You talk to yourself since no one else seems interested.You want to talk things over with %s.
/talkex /excited✔️You talk excitedly with everyone.You talk excitedly with %s.
/talkq /question✔️You want to know the meaning of life.You question %s.
/tapYou tap your foot. Hurry up already!You tap your foot as you wait for %s.
/taunt✔️✔️You taunt everyone around you. Bring it fools!You make a taunting gesture at %s. Bring it!
/teaseYou are such a tease.You tease %s.
/thank /thanks /ty✔️✔️You thank everyone around you.You thank %s.
/thinkYou are lost in thought.You think about %s.
/thirstyYou are so thirsty. Can anyone spare a drink?You let %s know you are thirsty. Spare a drink?
/tickleYou want to be tickled. Hee hee!You tickle %s. Hee hee!
/tiredYou let everyone know that you are tired.You let %s know that you are tired.
/train✔️✔️"Choo Choo Train" animation and sound
/truceYou offer a truce.You offer %s a truce.
/twiddleYou twiddle your thumbs.
/vetoYou veto the motion on the floor.You veto %s's motion.
/victory✔️You bask in the glory of victory.You bask in the glory of victory with %s.
/violin✔️✔️You begin to play the world's smallest violin.You play the world's smallest violin for %s.
/wait✔️✔️You ask everyone to wait.You ask %s to wait.
/warnYou warn everyone.You warn %s.
/wave✔️You wave.You wave at %s.
/welcome✔️✔️You welcome everyone.You welcome %s.
/whineYou whine pathetically.You whine pathetically at %s.
/whistle✔️You let forth a sharp whistle.You whistle at %s.
/whoa✔️✔️You are blown away.You are blown away by %s.
/winceYou wince sympathetically.You wince sympathetically at %s. That looked like it hurt!
/winkYou wink slyly.You wink slyly at %s.
/workYou begin to work.You work with %s.
/yawn✔️You yawn sleepily.You yawn sleepily at %s.
/yw✔️✔️You were happy to help.You were happy to help %s.