Emotes from Wowpedia


Here's a list of Warcraft emotes from Wowpedia.

/absentYou look absent-minded.You look at %s absently.
/agreeYou agree.You agree with %s.
/amazeYou are amazed!You are amazed by %s!
/angry /mad✔️You raise your fist in anger.You raise your fist in anger at %s.
/apologize /sorry✔️You apologize to everyone. Sorry!You apologize to %s. Sorry!
/applaud /bravo /applause✔️✔️You applaud. Bravo!You applaud at %s. Bravo!
/armYou stretch your arms out.You put your arm around %s's shoulder.
/attacktarget✔️✔️You tell everyone to attack something.You tell everyone to attack %s.
/aweYou look around in awe.You stare at %s in awe.
/backpack /packYou dig through your backpack.
/badfeeling /badYou have a bad feeling about this...You have a bad feeling about %s.
/barkYou bark. Woof woof!You bark at %s.
/bashful✔️You are bashful.You are so bashful...too bashful to get %s's attention.
/beckonYou beckon everyone over to you.You beckon %s over.
/beg✔️✔️You beg everyone around you. How pathetic.You beg %s. How pathetic.
/biteYou look around for someone to bite.You bite %s. Ouch!
/blame✔️You blame yourself for what happened.You blame %s for everything.
/blankYou stare blankly at your surroundings.You stare blankly at %s.
/bleed /bloodBlood oozes from your wounds.
/blinkYou blink your eyes.You blink at %s.
/blush✔️You blush.You blush at %s.
/boggle✔️You boggle at the situation.You boggle at %s.
/bonk /dohYou bonk yourself on the noggin. Doh!You bonk %s on the noggin. Doh!
/boop✔️You boop your own nose. Boop!You boop %s's nose.
/bored✔️You are overcome with boredom. Oh the drudgery!You are terribly bored with %s.
/bounceYou bounce up and down.You bounce up and down in front of %s.
/bow✔️You bow down graciously.You bow before %s.
/brandishYou brandish your weapon fiercely.You brandish your weapon fiercely at %s.
/brbYou let everyone know you'll be right back.You let %s know you'll be right back.
/breathYou take a deep breath.You tell %s to take a deep breath.
/burp /belchYou let out a loud belch.You burp rudely in %s's face.
/bye /goodbye /farewell✔️✔️You wave goodbye to everyone. Farewell!You wave goodbye to %s. Farewell!
/cackle✔️✔️You cackle maniacally at the situation.You cackle maniacally at %s.
/calmYou remain calm.You try to calm %s down.
/challengeYou put out a challenge to everyone. Bring it on!You challenge %s to a duel.
/charge✔️✔️You start to charge.
/charmYou put on the charm.You think %s is charming.
/cheer /woot✔️✔️You cheer!You cheer at %s.
/chicken /flap /strut✔️✔️With arms flapping, you strut around. Cluck, Cluck, Chicken!With arms flapping, you strut around %s. Cluck, Cluck, Chicken!
/chuckle✔️✔️You let out a hearty chuckle.You chuckle at %s.
/chugYou take a mighty quaff of your beverage.You encourage %s to chug. CHUG! CHUG! CHUG!
/clap✔️You clap excitedly.You clap excitedly for %s.
/coldYou let everyone know that you are cold.You let %s know that you are cold.
/comfortYou need to be comforted.You comfort %s.
/commend✔️You commend everyone on a job well done.You commend %s on a job well done.
/confused✔️You are hopelessly confused.You look at %s with a confused look.
/congratulate /congrats /grats✔️✔️You congratulate everyone around you.You congratulate %s.
/coughYou let out a hacking cough.You cough at %s.
/coverearsYou cover your ears.You cover %s's ears.
/cower /fear✔️You cower in fear.You cower in fear at the sight of %s.
/crack /knucklesYou crack your knuckles.You crack your knuckles while staring at %s.
/cringeYou cringe in fear.You cringe away from %s.
/crossarmsYou cross your arms.You cross your arms at %s. Hmph!
/cry /sob /weep✔️✔️You cry.You cry on %s's shoulder.
/cuddle /spoonYou need to be cuddled.You cuddle up against %s.
/curious✔️You express your curiosity to those around you.You are curious what %s is up to.
/curtsey✔️You curtsey.You curtsey before %s.
/dance✔️You burst into dance.You dance with %s.
/dingYou reached a new level. DING!You congratulate %s on a new level. DING!
/disagree✔️You disagree.You disagree with %s.
/threaten /doom /threat /wrath✔️You threaten everyone with the wrath of doom.You threaten %s with the wrath of doom.
/doubt✔️You doubt the situation will end in your favor.You doubt %s.
/drink /shindig✔️✔️You raise a drink in the air before chugging it down. Cheers!You raise a drink to %s. Cheers!
/droolA tendril of drool runs down your lip.You look at %s and begin to drool.
/duckYou duck for cover.You duck behind %s.
/eat /chew /feast✔️✔️You begin to eat.You begin to eat in front of %s.
/embarrassYou flush with embarrassment.You are embarrassed by %s.
/encourageYou encourage everyone around you.You encourage %s.
/enemyYou warn everyone that an enemy is near.You warn %s that an enemy is near.
/eyeYou cross your eyes.You eye %s up and down.
/eyebrow /browYou raise your eyebrow inquisitively.You raise your eyebrow inquisitively at %s.
/facepalm /palmYou cover your face with your palm.You look at %s and cover your face with your palm.
/faintYou faint.You faint at the sight of %s.
/fartYou fart loudly. Whew...what stinks?You brush up against %s and fart loudly.
/fidget /impatientYou fidget.You fidget impatiently while waiting for %s.
/flee /retreat✔️✔️You yell for everyone to flee!You yell for %s to flee!
/flex /strong✔️You flex your muscles. Oooooh so strong!You flex at %s. Oooooh so strong!
/flirt✔️✔️You flirt.You flirt with %s.
/flopYou flop about helplessly.You flop about helplessly around %s.
/followme✔️✔️You motion for everyone to follow.You motion for %s to follow.
/forthealliance✔️✔️You cheer for the Alliance!You cheer for the Alliance!
/forthehorde✔️✔️You cheer for the Horde!You cheer for the Horde!
/frown /disappointedYou frown.You frown with disappointment at %s.
/gasp✔️You gasp.You gasp at %s.
/gazeYou gaze off into the distance.You gaze longingly at %s.
/giggle✔️✔️You giggle.You giggle at %s.
/glareYou glare angrily.You glare angrily at %s.
/gloat✔️✔️You gloat over everyone's misfortune.You gloat over %s's misfortune.
/glowerYou glower at averyone around you.You glower at %s.
/goYou tell everyone to go.You tell %s to go.
/goingYou must be going.You tell %s that you must be going.
/golfclap✔️You clap half-heartedly, clearly unimpressed.You clap for %s, clearly unimpressed.
/greet /greetings✔️You greet everyone warmly.You greet %s warmly.
/grin /wicked /wickedlyYou grin wickedly.You grin wickedly at %s.
/groanYou begin to groan.
You begin to groan in pain.
You look at %s and groan.
You look at %s and groan in pain.
/grovel /peon✔️You grovel on the ground, wallowing in subservience.You grovel before %s like a subservient peon.
/growl✔️You growl menacingly.You growl menacingly at %s.
/guffaw✔️✔️You let out a boisterous guffaw!You take one look at %s and let out a guffaw!
/hail✔️You hail those around you.You hail %s.
/happy /glad /yayYou are filled with happiness!You are very happy with %s!
/headacheYou are getting a headache.You are getting a headache from %s's antics.
/healme✔️✔️You call out for healing!
/hello /hi✔️✔️You greet everyone with a hearty hello!You greet %s with a hearty hello!
/helpme✔️✔️You cry out for help!
/hiccupYou hiccup loudly.
/highfiveYou put up your hand for a high five.You give %s a high five!
/hissYou hiss at everyone around you.You hiss at %s.
/holdhandYou wish someone would hold your hand.You hold %s's hand.
/hugYou need a hug!You hug %s.
/hungry /food /pizzaYou are hungry!You are hungry. Maybe %s has some food...
/hurryYou try to pick up the pace.You tell %s to hurry up.
/huzzah✔️You cheer boisterously! Huzzah!You cheer boisterously for %s! Huzzah!
/ideaYou have an idea!
/impressed✔️You clap vigorously, clearly impressed.You clap vigorously for %s, clearly impressed.
/incoming /inc✔️✔️You warn everyone of incoming enemies!You point out %s as an incoming enemy!
/insult✔️You think everyone around you is a son of a motherless ogre.You think %s is the son of a motherless ogre.
/introduceYou introduce yourself to everyone.You introduce yourself to %s.
/jealousYou are jealous of everyone around you.You are jealous of %s.
/jkYou were just kidding!You let %s know that you were just kidding!
/kiss /blow✔️✔️You blow a kiss into the wind.You blow a kiss to %s.
/kneel✔️You kneel down.You kneel before %s.
/laugh /lol✔️✔️You laugh.You laugh at %s.
/laydown /liedown /lay /lie✔️You lie down.You lie down before %s.
/lickYou lick your lips.You lick %s.
/listenYou are listening!You listen intently to %s.
/lookYou look around.You look at %s.
/lost✔️You are hopelessly lost.You want %s to know that you are hopelessly lost.
/loveYou feel the love.You love %s.
/luckYou wish everyone good luck.You wish %s the best of luck.
/magnificent✔️You nod approvingly. Magnificent job!You nod approvingly at %s. Magnificent job!
/mapYou pull out your map.
/massageYou need a massage!You massage %s's shoulders.
/meowYou meow.You meow at %s.
/mercy✔️You plead for mercy.You plead with %s for mercy.
/moanYou moan suggestively.You moan suggestively at %s.
/mockYou mock life and all it stands for.You mock the foolishness of %s.
/mooIconSmall Highmountain Male.gifMooooooooooo.You moo at %s. Mooooooooooo.
/moonYou drop your trousers and moon everyone.You drop your trousers and moon %s.
/mountspecial✔️Rear-up animation for all mounts.
/mourn✔️✔️In quiet contemplation, you mourn the loss of the dead.In quiet contemplation, you mourn the death of %s.
/mutterYou mutter angrily to yourself. Hmmmph!You mutter angrily at %s. Hmmmph!
/nervousYou look around nervously.You look at %s nervously.
/no✔️✔️You clearly state, NO.You tell %s NO. Not going to happen.
/nod /yes✔️✔️You nod.You nod at %s.
/nosepick /pickWith a finger deep in one nostril, you pass the time.You pick your nose and show it to %s.
/object /objection /holdit✔️You OBJECT!You object to %s.
/offerYou want to make an offer.You attempt to make %s an offer they can't refuse.
/oom✔️✔️You announce that you have low mana!
/oops✔️✔️You made a mistake.You made a mistake.
/openfire✔️✔️You give the order to open fire.
/panicYou run around in a frenzied state of panic.You take one look at %s and panic.
/patYou need a pat.You gently pat %s.
/peerYou peer around, searchingly.You peer at %s searchingly.
/petYou need to be petted.You pet %s.
/pinchYou pinch yourself.You pinch %s.
/pityYou pity those around you.You look down upon %s with pity.
/plead✔️You drop to your knees and plead in desperation.You plead with %s.
/point✔️You point over yonder.You point at %s.
/pokeYou poke your belly and giggle.You poke %s. Hey!
/ponder✔️You ponder the situation.You ponder %s's actions.
/pounceYou pounce out from the shadows.You pounce on top of %s.
You pounce towards %s.
/poutYou pout at everyone around you.You pout at %s.
/praise /lavishYou praise the Light.You lavish praise upon %s.
/pray✔️You pray to the Gods.You say a prayer for %s.
/promiseYou make %s a promise.
/proudYou are proud of yourself.You are proud of %s.
/pulseYou check your own pulse.You check %s for a pulse. Oh no!
/punchYou punch yourself.You punch %s's shoulder.
/purrYou purr like a kitten.You purr at %s.
/puzzled✔️You are puzzled. What's going on here?You are puzzled by %s.
/quack✔️You pretend to be a duck. Quack!You quack at %s. Quack!
/raise /volunteerYou raise your hand in the air.You look at %s and raise your hand.
/rasp✔️✔️You make a rude gesture.You make a rude gesture at %s.
/read✔️Opens a map.
/ready /rdyYou let everyone know that you are ready!You let %s know that you are ready!
/regretYou are filled with regret.You think that %s will regret it.
/revengeYou vow you will have your revenge.You vow revenge on %s.
/roar /rawr✔️✔️You roar with bestial vigor. So fierce!You roar with bestial vigor at %s. So fierce!
/rofl✔️✔️You roll on the floor laughing.You roll on the floor laughing at %s.
/rolleyes /eyerollYou roll your eyes.You roll your eyes at %s.
/rude✔️✔️You make a rude gesture.You make a rude gesture at %s.
/ruffleYou ruffle your hair.You ruffle %s's hair.
/sadYou hang your head dejectedly.
/salute✔️You stand at attention and salute.You salute %s with respect.
/scared✔️You are scared!You are scared of %s.
/scoffYou scoff.You scoff at %s.
/scoldYou scold yourself.You scold %s.
/scowlYou scowl.You scowl at %s.
/scratch /cat /cattyYou scratch yourself. Ah, much better!You scratch %s. How catty!
/searchYou search for something.You search %s for something.
/sexyYou're too sexy for your tunic...so sexy it hurts.You think %s is a sexy devil.
/shake /rearYou shake your rear.You shake your rear at %s.
/shakefist /fistYou shake your fist.You shake your fist at %s.
/shiftyYour eyes shift back and forth suspiciously.You give %s a shifty look.
/shimmyYou shimmy before the masses.You shimmy before %s.
/shiverYou shiver in your boots. Chilling!You shiver beside %s. Chilling!
/shoo /pestYou shoo the measly pests away.You shoo %s away. Be gone pest!
/shout /holler✔️You shout.You shout at %s.
/shrug✔️You shrug. Who knows?You shrug at %s. Who knows?
/shudderYou shudder.You shudder at the sight of %s.
/shy✔️You smile shyly.You smile shyly at %s.
/sigh✔️You let out a long, drawn-out sigh.You sigh at %s.
/signalYou give the signal.You give %s the signal.
/silence /shushYou tell everyone to be quiet. Shhh!You tell %s to be quiet. Shhh!
/silly✔️✔️You tell a joke.You tell %s a joke.
/sing✔️You burst into song.You serenade %s with a song.
/sit✔️You sit down.
/slapYou slap yourself across the face. Ouch!You slap %s across the face. Ouch!
/sleep✔️You fall asleep. Zzzzzzz.
/smackYou smack your forehead.You smack %s upside the head.
/smileYou smile.You smile at %s.
/smirkA sly smirk spreads across your face.You smirk slyly at %s.
/snapYou snap your fingers.You snap your fingers at %s.
/snarlYou bare your teeth and snarl.You bare your teeth and snarl at %s.
/sneakYou try to sneak away.You try to sneak away from %s.
/sneezeYou sneeze. Achoo!You sneeze on %s. Achoo!
/snickerYou quietly snicker to yourself.You snicker at %s.
/sniff✔️IconSmall Worgen Male.gifYou sniff the air around you.You sniff %s.
/snortYou snort.You snort derisively at %s.
/snubYou snub all of the lowly peons around you.You snub %s.
/sootheYou need to be soothed.You soothe %s. There, there...things will be ok.
/spitYou spit on the ground.You spit on %s.
/squealYou squeal like a pig.You squeal at %s.
/stand✔️You stand up.
/stareYou stare off into the distance.You stare %s down.
/stink /smellYou smell the air around you. Wow, someone stinks!You smell %s. Wow, someone stinks!
/surprisedYou are so surprised!You are surprised by %s's actions.
/surrender✔️You surrender to your opponents.You surrender before %s. Such is the agony of defeat...
/suspiciousYou narrow your eyes in suspicion.You are suspicious of %s.
/sweatYou are sweating.You sweat at the sight of %s.
/talk✔️You talk to yourself since no one else seems interested.You want to talk things over with %s.
/talkex /excited✔️You talk excitedly with everyone.You talk excitedly with %s.
/talkq /question✔️You want to know the meaning of life.You question %s.
/tapYou tap your foot. Hurry up already!You tap your foot as you wait for %s.
/taunt✔️✔️You taunt everyone around you. Bring it fools!You make a taunting gesture at %s. Bring it!
/teaseYou are such a tease.You tease %s.
/thank /thanks /ty✔️✔️You thank everyone around you.You thank %s.
/thinkYou are lost in thought.You think about %s.
/thirstyYou are so thirsty. Can anyone spare a drink?You let %s know you are thirsty. Spare a drink?
/tickleYou want to be tickled. Hee hee!You tickle %s. Hee hee!
/tiredYou let everyone know that you are tired.You let %s know that you are tired.
/train✔️✔️"Choo Choo Train" animation and sound
/truceYou offer a truce.You offer %s a truce.
/twiddleYou twiddle your thumbs.
/vetoYou veto the motion on the floor.You veto %s's motion.
/victory✔️You bask in the glory of victory.You bask in the glory of victory with %s.
/violin✔️✔️You begin to play the world's smallest violin.You play the world's smallest violin for %s.
/wait✔️✔️You ask everyone to wait.You ask %s to wait.
/warnYou warn everyone.You warn %s.
/wave✔️You wave.You wave at %s.
/welcome✔️✔️You welcome everyone.You welcome %s.
/whineYou whine pathetically.You whine pathetically at %s.
/whistle✔️You let forth a sharp whistle.You whistle at %s.
/whoa✔️✔️You are blown away.You are blown away by %s.
/winceYou wince sympathetically.You wince sympathetically at %s. That looked like it hurt!
/winkYou wink slyly.You wink slyly at %s.
/workYou begin to work.You work with %s.
/yawn✔️You yawn sleepily.You yawn sleepily at %s.
/yw✔️✔️You were happy to help.You were happy to help %s.