Experience Boost for my Holy Pally

I just have to take advantage of the new experience boost from 70-80. After getting my Lock to 80 and a 5k gear score I am now working on my Paladin. I started at 70 and have already passed the halfway point to 74 in just a few days. With the Blizzard provided boost and a couple heirlooms (even if they are cloth, they still have int. and crit.) I am at +40% experience, that's really nice.

I must say I am impressed with his healing ability in the new 4.03a world. I know it's a big change for most Holy Pallies but speaking from someone who has never healed as a Pally, it's not bad at all. I have decent burst healing, I can heal on the run and I have have numerous "oh shit" buttons. The only thing I am lacking is a HoT. I am really thinking about glyphing for the HoT with Word of Glory just to try it out. We'll just have to wait and see how things work at 85. I hear it's a whole different world (never tried beta or test realm).