Battlepet Leveling Team and Script

*** Update ***

Apparently during some patch, they started allowing pets to gain experience even after dying. So, no need to get pets up to level 3-4 to start leveling them. Just head right to Frostfire Ridge and dive in with level 1 pets. Now if I could just find the spot I used to level around... It's quite crowded up there now. And at level 65 I was getting 5k exp for each battle. That's not too shabby.

/way 57.65 60.00 

Add-ons needed: Rematch, Battle Pet Scripts

Here is my pet leveling team and a TD script to use it. I run this against the Icespine Hatchlings in Frostfire Ridge. It typically takes them out in 7 turns and I can run it at least a dozen times before needing to Revive/Bandage. The only caveat is that your leveling pet needs to be level 3-4 before you start.

1: Rotten Little Helper (1,1,1)
2: Leveling Slot
3: Rotten Little Helper (1,1,1)


ability(Booby-Trapped Presents:1080)
ability(Greench's Gift:1076)
change(#2) [!self(#2).played]
change(#3) [self(#2).active]

For help with scripts, see Xu-Fu's page below.


Rogue Todo List

I saw a port on Reddit the other day about Pickpocket and it made me want to go try it out. I need to check out the Glyph of Disguise and maybe some of the Legion Pickpocket Mogs.



Accessing the Warcraft API in PowerShell

 I finally pieced together the PowerShell to pull my reputations from Warcraft using PowerShell.

After many weeks of searching various sites and documentation from Blizzard, I finally have a finished product. Feel free to share. Here are also some links of note.

You will first need to go to the main Battle.net developers page and create an application using your account credentials. This will give you a ClientSecret and ClientID used in the OAuth method of accessing the APIs.


Once you have them, you can plug them into your own script and start using the following APIs.


Here is the script I finally came up with to pull my reputations.


Hope this helps!


Crazy Cats!

Daily Gear Check

Here's a World Quest checklist for gear upgrades.
  • Emissarys
  • Kul Tiras
    • Stormsong
    • Tiragarde
    • Drust
  •  Zandalar
    • Voldun
    • Nazmir
    • Zuldazar
  • Black Empire
    • Vale
    • Uldum
  • Nazjatar
  • Mechagon


Battle Pets!

I have a pretty good Battle Pet collection going and I've been working on it a lot lately. Here is a link to a great blog. I'll have to stick it in a link tab.