Dev Chat Notes on Flying in Cataclysm

Here are some notes from the recent Dev Chat about how flying will work in Cataclysm. I must say I am excited about just buying 310% flying. But then again another grind for 5k gold (or whatever they make it cost) won't be fun.

Q: Do you intend to have all 280% flying mounts scale to 310% when a 310% mount is earned, or will only purchased mounts do so? A: Our current plan, is that in Cataclysm, you can learn a new rank of flying that lets all flying mounts move at 310% (even current 280% mounts). That will probably be as fast as mounts will ever get. We don’t like it that when you get a 310% mount that you stop using your old ones.

Q: If 310% speed is becoming trainable, does that mean we'll be able to fly in Azeroth from the get-go? A: We have considered the concept of “Old Weather Flying.” Just kidding. More than likely, you’ll just be able to fly from the beginning.

Under Da Sea: Navigating Vashj'ir

I can't wait for the underwater zones...

Under Da Sea: Navigating Vashj'ir:

Following up on our post about Blizzard's preview of the underwater zone Vashj'ir, here is a more "in depth" (ha ha) look at the zone.
A city of Kalimdor's night elves, Vashj'ir was swallowed up by the sea, it's inhabitants transformed into naga.

Vashj'ir is a level 78–82 zone in World of Warcraft: Cataclysm where players will be called to explore the depths of the Great Sea and stop the naga from seizing immeasurable power from the realm of Neptulon the Tidehunter. This expansive underwater zone will feature an unprecedented fight for survival against the naga overwhelming the area, several new quest hubs -- including Alliance and Horde naval ships and submarines -- all-new underwater travel and combat mechanics, several pocketed undersea caves free from water's grip, two new five-player dungeons (Throne of the Tides and Abyssal Maw), and the first-ever opportunity to explore the remains of the once-majestic city of Vashj'ir!


Celestial Steed Makes Blizzard 2 Million Dollars on Day One

Celestial Steed Makes Blizzard 2 Million Dollars on Day One:
In the first few hours after making the Celestial Steed and Lil' Xt available on the online pet store, Activision-Blizzard made over two million dollars. In less than four hours! That's pretty impressive - or depressing, depending on what side of the currently-raging-fence you're on. For one thing, the Steed is priced at $25 a pop; To share your feelings on that, drop into our forum discussion here.


Wilgrin's New Ride

After years of wanting and only a couple tries I have my favorite mount. Thanks Avah!

New Recruit-A-Friend mount coming soon

Continuing the very unusual middle of the night announcements from Blizzard, Bashiok has just posted that the Recruit-A-Friend program is getting a brand new mount soon to replace the Zhevra. Presumably this is to give players with the zhevra some reason to bother with the program going forward.

Beginning in just a few days, players who participate in the Recruit-A-Friend program will receive a whole new reward for showing a friend the ropes in Azeroth: the X-53 Touring Rocket, a two-seater flying mount that automatically increases its speed as your mount skill improves (up to 310% speed if you already have a 310% mount). The X-53 will be replacing the current Zhevra mount reward, which is retiring from the Recruit-A-Friend business after a good run. If you've already claimed a Zhevra (or claim one prior to the change), you'll be able to hang on to it, of course. We'll have more details on the new Recruit-A-Friend mount once it becomes available.

Current Recruit-A-Friend FAQ - http://us.blizzard.com/support/article.xml?locale=en_US&articleId=20588

I won't lie, I'll be getting my hands on this mount sooner or later. A two-seater flying mount that will scale up with my 310% mount? That's hard to resist. Well played, Blizzard. I wonder if my imaginary friends want to check out WoW...