About Us

Bonecrushing sound has its roots in NanyMUD. Back in the day a large troll would hit you with a bonecrushing sound. It certainly wasn't a good thing and in most situations resulted in your character dying.

Since I spent many hours becoming a coding wizard on that Mud I found myself using that phrase quite often with friends. I have decided to apply the phrase to my current computer gaming situation whatever that may be. Most of the time it involves World of Warcraft. 

I've been playing Wow since the beginning when I reluctantly switched from EverQuest. We all played in the beta and eventually switched when it went live. Wow was more "cartoony" than EverQuest and most people were certain that it wouldn't last. I'm not sure why it became such a hit and EverQuest fizzled out, but here we are. Wow has changed so much over the years but has remained my main source for online gaming.

I've played Eve Online and even SWG. Having many years invested in Wow, it is hard to change. Especially with only a limited amount of time to play.