Diablo III: The Demon Hunter

Diablo III: The Demon Hunter: "

Aaaand the final class reveal for Diablo III. It’s the Demon Hunter, a class which which Blizzard describe as a conventional ranged class with a dark twist. So a kind of sexy dark-magic ranger with dual-wielded crossbows, then. There’s a trailer for the class below, mixing FMV with a bit of in-game stuff. Looks pretty Diabloy. Diablo-ie. Diabloey. Hmm.


Looks like my Druid will be my Cataclysm main

Here is my link for 4.0 Resto notes. Looks like this will be the route I take in Cata. My priest is my "closet main" I guess. He is my old-school main but I just think Druids will be more fun to play in Cata. Plus epic flight form in Old World is going to be a LOT of fun.