Microsoft Defender and Battlenet issues - BLZBNTBGS80000011

So, I've been going round and round with Blizzard support on an issue with my Windows system. It's a centrally managed system running Windows 10 and Microsoft Defender. I have a local administrator account and can do most things, but I can't add Defender exclusions, so I am at the mercy of Blizzard support to try to figure this out. So far, I am on the 3-4 message and here are the current suggestions.

Reinstalling the client:

Background Apps:

New Admin Account:

Upload new information files:

After the initial response, they requested some general information about the system and being the support person that I am, I was glad to comply:


Overall, the support experience had been very helpful, and the representatives have been very kind and patient. It initially took some time to get a response (I started this adventure during the holidays) but they have been very responsive since then. I'm also grateful I have an M1 Mac that runs the game just fine while I figure this out.

Mecha-Gnome Hunter in the house!

Finally managed to unlock the Mecha-Gnome race. I recently reactivated to check out Dragon Isles and noticed that all I had left on the achievement was to run the final dungeon. Then I noticed that all you REALLY had to do was say that you finished the dungeon. Apparently after you accept the quest from the prince all you have to do talk to him again and claim that you did it. I spent a couple hours trying to solo the place on my Druid before returning to check out some strategies and discovering this. It was quite the relief and after running the remaining short quest line of running around Mechagon, I had the race unlocked. I've always enjoyed the hunter class so now I have some DPS work to do while waiting for rested exp to build back up on my new Druid (moving servers, again).