Cantrips rant

Maybe it's just me but I always thought of cantrips as a quirky addition to any player for non-combat fun and trickery. I know there are combat cantrips that do some minor damage, but they are limited to certain classes and not the main intent. I have always wanted these to be added to the game as fun 'spells' similar to toys for effects and building your characters uniqueness and story. Now we are getting them as pseudo-trinket effects and soon-to-be forgotten (think Azerite Abilities) combat abilities that won't scale and will fade away with the expansion. I still have hope for a Dancing Lights or Thunderclap in the future for my Wizard, but I won't hold my breath.


Remix Leveling Guide

Turn off Auto-loot. Don't pick up any XP bonus tokens. Let them go to mail. Just pick threads and gear and gems if you want or let it all go to mail. There is an Addon that will do this if you'd like.

Run heroic dungeons - Loot threads only

At 25 run normal Mogushan vaults in LFR

Get xp bonus threads

Run heroic dungeons - Loot threads only

Then at 35 run Heart of Fear in LFR

Get xp bonus threads

Run heroic dungeons - Loot threads only

At 40, run Normal Terrace of Spring

Get xp bonus threads

Open mail and all XP bonus tokens - should get you to 70


Downloading The War Within Beta

Excited to be downloading the beta for something to do. I'm really not impressed with the Panda Remix.


Scaling Concerns

This post has me a little concerned with the future of scaling.


What is the purpose of getting better gear if the mobs scale with your gear? I understand they don't want people to be over-powered, but let's be honest. If they do this for all bosses, it will make collecting a lot more difficult. 

Being someone who spends a lot of time in old content collecting random transmogs and toys, it would change the entire game for me. I can't imagine mobs in Elwen Forest kicking my ass when I'm just trying to level a new pet.

Hat attained... on to backpack.

Managed to get the hat. Now it's on to the backpack.