New "Three Storms" Bamboo Hat

I'm pretty excited about this new hat. I think there are similar looks already, but this is getting closer to the "Three Storms" look I've been wanting for a while.


Run Speed Bags in TWW

While I can't stand toys and other items that are zone-restricted, I can get behind this effect in a new zone where we won't be able to fly. Running around new content doing daily quests before 'earning' the right to fly is so BFA.

I also find it shocking that people are complaining in the comments about giving up bag space to get the effect. I can't imagine running around with 34 slot bags and not having enough room. Who carries around that much crap in their bags? I have bags purchased from the Grand Expedition Yak on most of my characters and rarely run out of space. If I do, it's 90% vendor trash that can be sold or discarded. I swear, some people would complain about free gold bars being too heavy.


Waitin' for the rain...


Sitting around Boot Bay waiting for the rain. I'd love to get the Baby Ape pet some day.


More Archaeology woes...

This profession is so slow to grind out. Coupled with the fact that to get the items that you want, you have to survey areas that do not give you skill. I'm up to the 900s but it is so slow after that; especially since the areas that give you a skill change weekly in BFA. So, you are stuck with one race for an entire week. It would be nice if that changed with dailies.

On the plus side, the Tol'vir Hierroglyphics that you can get from trading Restored Artifacts are currently selling for 6k each.

Here are the items you can get from Archaeology.

Sinrunner Blanchy Mount

I'm starting on this mount today.


/way 63.2, 43

Day 1 complete: Oats obtained from random spots around the Saldean farm in Westfall (55, 30) and fed to Dead Blanchy in Revendreth (63.2, 43). Brush obtained from Snickersnee (63.4, 61.8) in Revendreth for tomorrow.

Day 2 complete: Brush applied. Horseshoes acquired for day 3.

Day 3 complete: Horseshoes affixed, and Water Bucket filled in Ardenweald.

    /way Revendreth 63.26, 61.60 Empty Water Bucket

Day 4 complete: Blanchy's thirst has been quenched. Comfy blanket purchased.

    /way #1525 51.0 78.8 Ta'tru

Day 5 complete: Saddle/Blanket given, and Apples purchased. 

    /way Revendreth 40.85, 46.80 Mims

Day 6 complete: Apples given; Reins obtained. Thanks, Blanchy.