Sinrunner Blanchy Mount

I'm starting on this mount today.


/way 63.2, 43

Day 1 complete: Oats obtained from random spots around the Saldean farm in Westfall (55, 30) and fed to Dead Blanchy in Revendreth (63.2, 43). Brush obtained from Snickersnee (63.4, 61.8) in Revendreth for tomorrow.

Day 2 complete: Brush applied. Horseshoes acquired for day 3.

Day 3 complete: Horseshoes affixed, and Water Bucket filled in Ardenweald.

    /way Revendreth 63.26, 61.60 Empty Water Bucket

Day 4 complete: Blanchy's thirst has been quenched. Comfy blanket purchased.

    /way #1525 51.0 78.8 Ta'tru

Day 5 complete: Saddle/Blanket given, and Apples purchased. 

    /way Revendreth 40.85, 46.80 Mims

Day 6 complete: Apples given; Reins obtained. Thanks, Blanchy.