Time Gated Reputation Rant

I have been playing this game since the very beginning. I have a max level character for almost each class for Horde and Alliance - multiple Druids, Hunters, and Priests for some reason. I have many rare toys and transmogs that take a considerable about of grinding. I can do many mindless tasks that take days to complete (max Fishing and Arch). But for whatever reason, I can't seem to grasp the idea of reputation-based time gating that Blizzard insists on implementing for some quests and achievements (and now game progression). I am still missing out on tons of Dragon Flight content because I refuse to do the daily quests to raise the base Dragon Isle Renown. There's something about doing 3 quests per week for 9 months to continue the story that just makes me angry. Regular story progression should grant enough reputation to continue. I shouldn't have to wait 6 months while I do some mindless tasks over and over again just to continue with the story line. I already paid for the expansion, now I have to pay for 6 months of the game to finish the game!?

I play just about every day but very casually. I don't do Mythics and maintain a very solo lifestyle. No guild membership for many years. Here are my Dragon Isles Renown Max levels.

10; faction=Dream Wardens
11; faction=Iskaara Tuskarr
9; faction=Loamm Niffen
6; faction=Maruuk Centaur
5; faction=Dragonscale Expedition
Learned; faction=Azerothian Archives (had to get the transmogs)
20; faction=Valdrakken Accord (boosted char gave me this)
Neutral; faction=Artisan's Consortium (not a crafter)
Empty; faction=Cobalt Assembly (not even sure what this is for)
Acquaintance; faction=Sabellian
Acquaintance; faction=Wrathion
Rift-Mender; faction=Soridormi (transmogs)
Aspirational; faction=Glimmerogg Racer
Exalted; faction=Winterpelt Furbolg (I've always loved the Furbolgs)