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Levelling Team and Script

Here is my pet levelling team and a TD script to use it. I run this against the Icespine Hatchlings in Frostfire Ridge. It typically takes t...

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Mining is an easy business. Once you get your skill and pick just keep the "Find Minerals" skill up and hit them whenever you can. I spent a couple hours just running back and forth and picked up enough minerals and stone (and a few shadow gems, malachite and tiger's eyes) to raise both mining and engineering to around 75. I am sure it will get harder as most skills do. I will attempt to post what I find and where I find it.

I find the most difficult part to get past is the iron-gold levels. This is midrange and there seems to be a shortage in veins in all areas.

Here are some good locations that I have found for mining...

  • Tin - Darkshore, random - Westfall, Jangalode mine, random
  • Copper - Elwynn Forest, North of Westbrook Garrison
  • Malachite - Elwynn Forest, North of Westbrook Garrison
  • Tigerseye - Elwynn Forest, North of Westbrook Garrison
  • Shadowgem - Elwynn Forest, North of Westbrook Garrison
  • Iron - Southshore, Caves in Redridge mountains
  • Gold - Stranglethron Vale (east of Kurzen's compound and on east mountains), Arathis Highlands and throughout the Badlands
  • Silver - Arathi Highlands, Thousand Needles, and the Barrens (around the edges of Shimmering Flats is easy)