Daily Quest Route

I have started to realize how beneficial daily quests can be to the casual player. In just a few short minutes I can knock out the cooking and fishing daily quests and earn some good experience and gold. I am going to add the daily quest Break the Blockade to the mix since that is where I am currently leveling. Since I did the daily quests for Kalu'ak reputation, I know those quests as well.

This makes me wonder. Is there a decent route to take via flight paths that would allow me to level via daily quests? At 15k experience each it is almost better than following Jame's guides. Certainly not as exciting but maybe quicker.

I hope to make a route around Northrend making this possible. It would require very little thought and be possible to do in small steps with relative safety (doable from a place of employment, ssshhhh). With 25 quests available every day, you could rack up considerable experience and gold with hardly any effort at all.

This link at Wowwiki should help considerably with that guide.

Matticus's Daily Guide