Mind Vision Antics

Mind Vision
Originally uploaded by loatswil
I was bored while waiting for the AB queue the other day so I started using Mind Vision on various NPCs. It's amusing to see how far you can get jumping from one to another. You can even use rabbits and squirrels to get around. I managed to get all the way to Searing Gorge when I grabbed someone who jumped on a griffon. There must be a distance limit at some point. Here are some interesting facts about Mind Vision.

  • You can recast on the current subject just by retargetting them
  • You can use any NPC including rabbits, snakes and squirrels
  • Screenshots will cancel the spell and take a screenshot where you are standing, not from the subject
  • The subject can see the spell on them but can't cancel it

I will update this as I discover new facts about the mystery behind Mind Vision.