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Levelling Team and Script

Here is my pet levelling team and a TD script to use it. I run this against the Icespine Hatchlings in Frostfire Ridge. It typically takes t...

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Worgen Ho!

Meet Wilgrane, my worgen mage (in training). This will be my first attempt at a mage. It was a difficult decision to go for a mage but with 2 pieces of cloth heirlooms and no plate heirlooms (for a warrior) I couldn't resist. I also have 2 viable tank classes that I don't use as tanks because I dislike it so much. I think it is more a lack of desire for melee combat. Maybe it's the whole fantasy game genre or the fake feel of the melee combat, I don't know. I have always enjoyed ranged DPS or healing more than physical combat. Now that Meralis is no longer around I am also without a tutor. With all the assistance of Blizzard and the new quests and dungeon finder it shouldn't be too difficult though. I think between this guy and my Pally I should be able to stay in the rested experience range on both characters. I have my Pally to 81 and quite a bit of rested to chew through now that my mage is "feeling normal". The hardest part with the mage is getting to an inn after questing. I can always recall to my bind point but that can make for a long run to get back where I was questing. Now, on with the show!