New 80 Hunter!

Meet Wilgrun, he is my latest level 80 character. He's my Dorf Huntard of course. It was a rough decision on who to raise to 80. Having 3 level 70s, a 60ish DK and a couple 56 characters I had a lot to choose from. It all came down to fun and grinding at this point. I have been trying to get some Heirloom gear to help in the process but used the old pre 3.2.2 AV runs instead. It only took a week to get to 77 and the rest was gravy. Maybe I can get some heirloom gear for my Pally next. That way I can pass it on to my DK if needed.

Now I just need to get into some Heroics for some gear. Being the ultimate casual player can make this difficult though. I need to map out where the best gear is and then be pretty careful on my selection. Every run counts when you're casual.