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Here is my pet levelling team and a TD script to use it. I run this against the Icespine Hatchlings in Frostfire Ridge. It typically takes t...

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Cataclysm currency exchange rates

Cataclysm currency exchange rates:

"Blizzard has released the currency conversion rates for the upcoming Cataclysm changes. Remember that these conversions will take place when patch 4.0.1 is released. There will be a 'soft cap' at the conversion, so all your work won't just disappear, but there will eventually be a hard cap. Check out the original post for a detailed explanation.

The Cataclysm currency conversion rates in brief are:

To gold:
  • Emblem of Heroism = 5.5 gold each 
  • Emblem of Valor = 5.5 gold each 
  • Emblem of Conquest = 5.5 gold each 
  • Badge of Justice = 1.833 gold each
To honor:
  • Old Honor * 0.024 
  • Old Arena Points * 0.85 
  • Battleground Mark of Honor * 2.976 
  • Wintergrasp Mark of Honor * 19.08 
  • Stone Keeper Shard * 1.6 
  • Venture Coin * 3 
  • Spirit Shard * 1
To justice points:
  • (Emblems of Triumph + Emblems of Frost ) * 2.75"