Pinball Magic for the iPhone

pinball-magic.jpgPinball Magic for the iPhone: "Fwoosh! Clack-clack-Clack DING! Clack-clackety-clack. The iPhone's death cries?

Not if you have New Potato's latest toy, the Pinball Magic. The dock transforms your iPhone or iPod Touch into a miniature pinball machine.

Pinball Magic comes with flipper buttons, a ball-launching plunger, a credit/select button, and an LED-lit animated backbox. The legs fold for easy transport. You will need to download the free app to play.

The app uses the iPhone's motion sensors to support tilt detection, so jostling the tiny machine works like the real thing. The game offers four possible multi-ball modes, end-of-ball and replay bonuses and advanced multi-level and multi-player competition.

Priced at $39.99, New Potato says it will be available online 'August 2010' and Best Buy is also accepting pre-orders.Those folks better get cracking, though, there's only seven days left!